This 14KY Gold Enhancer has 5.5mm White Pearls with scattered Diamond chips. The enhancer is 1 3/8 x 1 inch.
$410.00                                 EN-A

These enhancers will open and close in order to fit over a strand of pearls up to 8mm in size.
This Enhancer has 4 14mm Japanese Biwa Pearls encased in 18KY. It features a ruby in the center, 4 sapphires, and 0.68pt Diamonds. It can also be worn as a pendant.
$1450.00                             EN-B

This Enhancer features a 10mm South Sea Light Gray Pearl mounted in an 18KW setting w Diamonds.

$650.00                               EN-C

This Gold Enhancer with Diamonds has an 11mm white Freshwater Pearl.

14KY Enhancer
$350.00                                  EN-D
14KW Enhancer
$350.00                              EN-DW
This Enhancer has a Diamond set in the center.
18KY 8-8.5mm White Saltwater
$240.00                               EN-YW
18KY 9mm Black Freshwater
$225.00                                EN-YB
18KW 8-8.5mm White Saltwater
$280.00                             EN-WW
18KW 9mm Black Freshwater
$265.00                               EN-WB

This Sterling Silver Enhancer has an 11.5mm South Sea Pearl.

$75.00                                     EN-F

This Sterling Silver Enhancer has a 10.5 x 13mm South Sea Pearl.

$75.00                                   EN-G

This 14KW Enhancer with Diamonds has a 11mm Black Tahitian Pearl.
$450.00                                  EN-H

The following Enhancers will not open and close.
This 18KW Enhancer has a Diamond in the center with a 11mm Black Tahitian Pearl.

$450.00                                 EN-J

This 14KW Enhancer has 9-0.03ct Diamonds and 8-8.5mm Akoya Saltwater Pearl.

$310.00                                 EN-K

This Sterling Silver Enhancer has an 11 x 13mm Black Tahian Pearl. Silver Chain included.
$145.00                                  EN-L

This 14KY Teardrop Enhancer has a 6mm Freshwater Pearl.

$48.00                                    EN-M

This 14KY Enhancer has 5 Diamonds totaling 0.12ct and a 7mm Akoya Saltwater Pearl.

$300.00                                 EN-N

This Enhancer has a filigree crown with an 8mm Akoya Saltwater Pearl.
14KY Enhancer
$95.00                                  EN-PY
14KW Enhancer
$95.00                                 EN-PW
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Fayetteville, GA  30214

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