Chain and Pearl Necklaces
The top necklace is a 16" 14kY chain with a single 5mm Freshwater Pearl.

$145.00                               CPN1

The bottom necklace is an 18" 14KY "Rope Chain" with 5 graduated pearls.

$170.00                               CPN2

Most of the necklaces shown below can be ordered in 14K yellow or white gold, gold-filled, or sterling silver. Contact us to order different combinations of pearls, chain, and lengths.  
Butterfly Necklace
This wire necklace is 16" in length with a 2" extender chain and 5mm Freshwater Pearls.

Gold Filled Necklace
$129.00                                N-BFG

Sterling Silver Necklace
$129.00                                N-BFS
You can contact us at:

The Pearl Lady
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Fayetteville, GA  30214

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Triple-Pearl Necklace
It has 2 - 5 mm and a 6 mm Pearl.

16" Silver Chain
$24.00                              CPN3-16
18" Silver Chain
$26.00                              CPN3-18
18" Gold Filled Chain
$26.00                              CPN3-GF
18" 14KW Chain
$195.00                            CPN3-W
18" 14KY Chain
$165.00                             CPN3-Y
White Pearls Shown
Specify White, Black, Pink, or Chocolate Pearls
Teardrop White Pearl Necklace
9 x 13 mm (size may vary)

16" Silver Chain
$24.00                              CPN4-16
18" Silver Chain
$26.00                              CPN4-18
18" Gold-filled Chain
$26.00                              CPN4-GF
18" 14KW Chain
$195.00                            CPN4-W
18" 14KY Chain
$165.00                             CPN4-Y
Round Pearl Drop Necklace
(8 mm Pearl Shown)

16" Silver Chain
$24.00                              CPN5-16
18" Silver Chain
$26.00                              CPN5-18
18" Gold Filled Chain
$26.00                              CPN5-GF
18" 14KW Chain
$195.00                            CPN5-W
18" 14KY Chain
$165.00                             CPN5-Y
White Pearls Shown
Specify White, Black, Pink, or Chocolate Pearls