Celebrate the special moments in your life by giving a cultured pearl to commemorate each occasion. Traditionally, family members purchase the necklace for young girls and add pearls to the necklace on special occasions. Our Celebration Necklace is similar to the "Add-a-Pearl" Necklace except that our package includes the necklace plus the remaining pearls necessary to complete the necklace.

Our 18" Celebration Necklace is made by stringing the pearls on silk thread, knotting between each pearl, and connecting the pearls to 14K gold chain. When you are ready to add more pearls to the necklace, the pearls are restrung adding the additional pearls. The necklace shown has 21 pearls, but you can request any starting number of pearls that you desire. Our package includes the total number of pearls needed to complete the finished necklace which precludes the need to purchase additional pearls at a later date. In addition, all of your pearls will match in size, color, and hue. Then your Celebration Necklace can be taken to your local jeweler or returned to us when you want to add more pearls. The pearls included, when knotted with a clasp, will make an 18" necklace. Freshwater and Saltwater Cultured pearls are available. Contact us for pricing.

Celebration Necklace
Celebration Necklace Package includes the 18" necklace shown plus the remaining 5mm freshwater pearls necessary to complete the finished pearl necklace in the future.

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Contact us if you desire a different number of starting pearls or different size of pearls.
14K yellow gold chain is shown but white gold is available.
You can contact us at: info@pearllady.com

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